Saturday Training Sessions

Why these extra classes on a Saturday?

Well there are a couple of reasons and here are a few.....

  1. The first one is to give students that for some reason missed out on their classes during the week an opportunity to catch up.
  2. We also know that there are those students that just can't get enough and this is the opportunity they've been looking for.
  3. For students to attempt their next grading they need to attend a certain number of classes and this will definitely help them get that extra time on the mat they need to do their best at grading.
  4. Last but not least one for the parents, you can drop the kids off and pick them up afterwords. This will give you 2 to 3 hours of shopping, house work etc that you never get to.

These sessions are unfortunately only for existing 1st, 2nd and 3rd class members. You register for these classes per Saturday, it's not a per term registration. If you are interested, please register Today for the next session to avoid disappointment.

More details..

The dates and times for the session will appear on the registration form, but as a rule we will do them every second Saturday morning between 8:00 - 10:00 am. The sessions will also be on the club calendar and in our weekly newsletter.

The cost is $15 per student for the morning session. This will be for a 2 hour session that will count as 4 classes for 1st class members and 3 classes for 2nd class members.

The content and structure of these classes will vary from Saturday to Saturday. Some days classes will be in the hall and other days it will be outside. These classes will expose members to a whole new side to Karate Gushuku (Training camp).

It's not just about karate and training. Some Saturdays after the session we will have a BBQ get together where parents and other family members can join us for lunch. We want these mornings to be more than just a training session, we want members to socially interact outside of class to form a friend circle with their fellow karateka.

So please register by completing the form with your selection.

If you attended one or more of the sessions please leave us some feedback

What did you enjoy most about the session?
Why did you decide to register for the Saturday class?
What was the biggest takeaway from this session?